Quantitative analysis of syllables in Slavic languages (Russian, Slovak, Serbian)


Quantitative analysis of syllables in Slavic languages(Russian, Slovak, Serbian)

Kvantitatívna analýza slabík v slovanských jazykoch (ruština, slovenčina, srbčina)

Кванититативна анализа слогова у словенским језицима (руски, словачки, српски)

The project is focused on quantitative analysis of syllables in Slavic languages, namely, in Russian, Slovak, and Serbian. These three languages represent three geographical groups of Slavic languages (East, West, and South). Syllables, as opposed to other language units, have not been mathematically modelled systematically, the main reason being problems with their definition (i.e., with word syllabification). The aim of the project is to fill this gap. The syllabification can be performed algorithmically, the approach makes use, among others, of statistical tests. In particular, we will focus on models for syllable frequency and syllable length in the three abovementioned languages. We will work with orthographic input of texts. It is expected that the new models will be related to the already known models for grapheme frequencies and word length.

This project is co-funded Slovak - Serbian joint research project in the period 2017-2018.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (Serbia)

Project Team

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Slovak team members

Slovak Principal Investigator / Professor Ján Mačutek, PhD.

Michaela Koščová, PhD student

Lívia Leššová, PhD student

Serbian team members

Serbian Principal Investigator (2017) / Professor Ivan Obradović, PhD.

Serbian Principal Investigator (2017 - 2018)/ Professor Ranka Stanković, PhD.

Marija Radojičić, PhD student

Biljana Lazić, PhD student


Decision document

Základné informácie o projekte / Project basic information

Team - Serbian Slovakian bilateral project proposal for period 20172018.

Тим - Предлог билатералног пројекта Србија Словачка за циклус 20172018.

Project - Description Serbian Slovakian bilateral project proposal for period 20172018.

Опис пројекта - Предлог билатералног пројекта Србија Словачка за циклус 20172018.


No Who? When? Where? Short desription
1 Ján Mačutek 7-10.02.2018 Belgrade ...
2 Marija Radojičić 14-18.02.2018 Bratislava ...
3 Ján Mačutek 6-10.03.2018 Belgrade ...
4 Lívia Leššová 6-10.03.2018 Belgrade ...
5 Biljana Lazić 23-26.03.2018 Bratislava ...


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1 Marija Radojičić, Biljana Lazić, Sebastijan Kaplar, Ranka Stanković, Ivan Obradović and Jan Macutek (2018), Quantitative analysis of syllable properties in some Slavic languages, QUALICO 2018 Submitted


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Bratislava / Belgrade
Email: ranka.stankovic@rgf.bg.ac.rs