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Dr Predrag Vulić


Name and Surname: Dr Predrag Vulić

Telephone: 3336-701

Е-mail: predrag.vulic@rgf.bg.ac.rs

Address: Studentski trg 16    Cabinet: 721

Personal presentation: Curriculum Vitae

Chair: Chair of Mineralogy

Subjects - Аccreditation 09:

Course Title Name of degree program Degree School hours
General Mineralogy Geology Basic studies 2+3
Genetic Mineralogy Geology Master studies 2+2
Crystal Chemistry Geology Master studies 2+2
Synthesis of Minerals Geology Master studies 2+2
Structures and Properties of Modern Materials Geology Master studies 2+2
Instrumental Mineralogy - Selected Chapters Geology Doctoral studies 4+0
Crystallography of Advanced Materials – Selected Topics Geology Doctoral studies 4+0
Clay Mineralogy Geology Doctoral studies 4+0
Crystal Structure Determination Geology Doctoral studies 4+0


Subjects - Аccreditation 13:

Course Title Degree and Name of program School hours
General Mineralogy Basic studies: Geology 2+3+0+0
Crystal Chemistry Master studies: Geology 2+2+0+0
Genetic Mineralogy Master studies: Geology 2+2+0+0
Structures and Properties of Modern Materials Master studies: Geology 2+2+0+0
Synthesis of Minerals Master studies: Geology 2+2+0+0
Clay Mineralogy Doctoral studies: Geotechnics, Geology 4+0+0+0
Crystal Structure Determination Doctoral studies: Geology 4+0+0+0
Crystallography of Advanced Materials – Selected Topics Doctoral studies: Geology 4+0+0+0
Instrumental Mineralogy - Selected Chapters Doctoral studies: Geology 4+0+0+0