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Analysis of Gravity and Magnetic Field Anomalies

Course Description

Study program: Geology of oil and gas (VII semester -DAS), Geophysics (IX semester -DAS)

Name of subject: Analysis of Gravity and Magnetic Field Anomalies

Instructors: Dr Ivana Vasiljević, Dr Vesna Cvetkov

Status: Optional


Prerequisites: none

Course Objectives: The objective of the course is to educate students about the various methods of gravity and geomagnetic anomaly analysis, complex interpretation of the research results and the application in different areas.

Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes include acquiring the knowledge and proficiency necessary for the analysis and interpretation of the complex gravimetric and geomagnetic research’s results.


Theory teaching
Data quality analysis and applicability of the different methods for the transformation of potential fields data. Anomaly analysis in the case of rugged topography. Methods for the calculation of pseudo-gravity and pseudo-magnetic anomalies, local wave number, and analytic signal. Estimation of the gravity and geomagnetic anomalies source parameters (depth, dimensions, shape, dip, density, magnetic susceptibility, etc)using different analysis methods (inversion, stripping, deconvolution, complex attribute analysis, etc). Complex modeling of gravity and geomagnetic data. Procedures applied in the frame of detailed surveys (civil engineering, archaeology, mineral deposits). Procedures applied in the frame of hydrocarbons surveys. Correlation with other research data.

Practical teaching
Application of the various methods of gravity and geomagnetic anomaly analysis, using contemporary computer programmes. Geological interpretation of the results. Methods for the detection of natural and artificial objects. Writing a seminar paper on the assigned topic.

Suggested Reading List

  1. Blakely, R., J., 1995: Potential Theory in Gravity and Magnetic Applications. Cambridge University Press. (делови књиге су преведени)
  2. Naidu, P., S., Mathew, M., P., 1988: Analysis of Geophysical Potential Fields. Elsevier. (делови књиге су преведени)
  3. Избор радова из водећих геофизичких часописа.

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
2 2 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Computer presentations are used during the lectures and exercises. Presentations are available to students in order to make the learning process easier. Exercises are practical and they are following the content of lectures in order to enable a better understanding of the subject.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Oral Exam 40
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Class Participation 5
Practical Classes 15
Seminars 40

Additional Assessment Criteria -